IAFA 2024

Submissions Open for this Month

We are looking for filmmakers who are driving film forward through inspirational and innovative works. Whether you are an established or emerging practitioner, we want to hear from you. We accept submissions to various genre film as well as narrative and documentary features, 360 film and VR and immersive experiences. The Official Selection of films will be showcased and screening. This is an excellent opportunity to showcase your work to an international audience of filmmakers, industry delegates and film fans. Please carefully read the submission guidelines below before submitting your film.

Categories for Submissions

Submissions are open to the following categories
  • Feature Film (40 MINUTES AND MORE) $20.00
  •  Documentary (Any length) $20.00
  •  Indian Documentary (Any length) $18.00
  •  Short Films (Less than 40 Minutes) $16.00
  •  Experimental Films (Any length) $20.00
  •  Women’s Films (Any length) $20.00
  •  Animation Feature Films (40 Minutes or Above) $20.00
  •  Animation Short Film (Less Then 40 minutes) $18.00
  •  Student Films (Any length) $15.00
  •  Web and New Media (Any length) $20.00
  •  One Minute Film (Any length) $18.00
  •  Family/Children’s Films (Any length) $20.00
  •  Young Filmmaker (Under 18) (Any length) $15.00
  •  Debut Filmmaker (1st or 2nd Film; Any length) $20.00
  •  Mobile film (Any length) $20.00
  •  Trailer / Teaser (5 min or less) $20.00
  •  Music Video (Any length) $20.00
  •  Photography (Photos from film set included) Film/Video Poster $20.00
  •  Drone Films (Any length) $20.00
  •  Film on Religion (Any length) $20.00
  •  Commercial (Audio Visual) $20.00
  •  Film on Nature / Environment / Wildlife (Any length) $20.00
  •  Educational Film (Any length) $20.00
  •  Television / Pilot Program or Series (Any length) $20.00
  •  Film on Women (Any Length) $20.00
  •  Pre-wedding Video (Any length) $20.00
  •  Travel Film (Any length) $20.00
  •  Horror Film (Any length) $20.00
  •  Science Fiction Film/ Genre Feature Film (Above 60 minutes) $20.00
  •  LGBT Film (Any length) $20.00
  •  Silent Film (Any length) $20.00
  •  Virtual Reality (VR) / Augmented Reality (Around 360° Video (Any length) $20.00
  •  Best Film Score $20.00
  •  Best Director $20.00
  •  Best Editor $20.00
  •  Best Film $20.00
  •  Best Cinematography $20.00
  •  Best Actor $20.00
  •  Best Actress $20.00
  •  Old Film & Archive $20.00
  •  Best Debut Filmmaker $20.00
  •  Travel/Wild Life Photography $10.00

Submission Timeline


  •  All Finalists/ Official Selections of each Monthly Edition:
  •  Will receive the official INDIE ARTHOUSE FILM Awards Laurels;
  •  Can receive the Official INDIE ARTHOUSE FILM  Awards Certificate (digital format) ready for printing
  •  Will be listed on our Web-site and Social networks
  •  All Winners of Each Monthly Edition:
  •  Will receive the Winner INDIE ARTHOUSE FILM Awards Laurels by email;
  •  Will receive the Winner INDIE ARTHOUSE FILM Awards Certificate (digital format) ready for printing;
  •  Will be listed on our Web-site and Social networks;
  •  will automatically enter the ‘BEST OF THE YEAR’ competition as Annual Official Selection
  •  All winners of the Best of the Year Competition:
  •  Will receive the Official INDIE ARTHOUSE FILM Awards Laurels;
  •  Will receive the Official INDIE ARTHOUSE FILM Awards Certificate (digital format) ready for printing;
  •  Will be listed on our social networks & Website;
  •  Will receive the prestigious INDIE ARTHOUSE FILM Trophy during the Annual Event in front of Press. In case they could not attend the Award Ceremony they can receive their trophy by paying only the shipping costs;
  •  The best award winning projects selected by our HONORABLE jury members will be published in IAFA Official Website.
  • Don’t Argument with our decision.

Submission Guidelines

  •  Short films should have a maximum running time of 40 minutes.
  •  Feature films are considered to have a runtime of 60 minutes or over.
  •  There is no premiere requirement for WUIFF. We will consider films that have screened at other festivals both nationally and internationally.
  •  Submissions through our online entry platforms & FilmFreeway will be considered.
  •  Your entry form must include your name, address, telephone number and email so that we can contact you.
  •  Your film must not be in breach of any copyright, including music or sound used in your film.
  •  The link to your video included in your submission form must not expire.
  •  All films must be English subtitle.
  •  WUIFF is unable to grant waiver requests.
  •  For Travel/Wild Life Photography we accepted maximum 10 photos.
  •  For student category need to attach the ID copy.