The Black Magician

A Feature Script By KYKESHA S JONES, Country Of Origin- United States

THE BLACK MAGICIAN shows promise at the beginning but has little bit problems. There are too many characters so there isn’t one we really care about, except maybe George. But he’s just a conduit to getting OTHERS to escape, a line of them, very repetitive. The Granny character is OK but gets dies out of the blue for no reason at all. The slave owner’s daughter has promise but she just sits up North and never gets more involved. The third act really falls apart as George escapes and suddenly is in Pennsylvania with his wife Rebecca, then a montage of references to Black historical figures like a documentary. George’s nemesis, the other slave, showed promise for drama but that petered out. I’m little bit confused who Annabel is at the beginning too. So there is a kind of confusion here for the reader/viewer. Where as the execution didn’t match up with the idea. But the plot was good. The scenes just blend along. It was pretty easy to read, though. Best luck .

REVIEWED BY Mathew Tekulsky (Honorable Jury, USA)
WUIFF March-April SESSION 2022

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